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ZOO TICKET BOOTH Sunset Zoo2333 Oak StreetManhattan, KS, 66502(785)587-2737

$15.00 $15.00

Sunset Zoo and the Flint Hills Discovery Center are joining forces to provide a unique and enhanced experience for kids when USD 383 is not in session. Adventureres will learn about the plants and animals from their own backyard to around the world. Adventurers will also have the chance to travel back in time, exploring the geology and fossils that make their home a special place.

The age of the child attending will determine which location their camp is located. If you don't see a camp for your child's age, check the Flint Hills Discovery Center's activities.

Please contact Sunset Zoo, 785-587-2737, should you have any difficulties during registration.

FEES: $25 for full day, $15 for half day. Sunset Zoo and FHDC Members: $22/$13. Appropriate fees calculated during registration process.

Recommended browsers are IE 9+ or a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.