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Details for Youth Tennis Red Ages 6-8

Age older than or equal to 6.00 and younger than or equal to 8.99. The date used for calculating the age is 06/04/18.Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/26/18 @ 8:00am.
Transaction Date/Time on or before 05/27/18 @11:59pm.
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$20.00 $30.00

A great way for children to get an introduction or continued development through USTA Quick Start Tennis.
Instruction provided by Body First.

Dates: June 4-29, 2018
Location: City park Tennis Courts
Fee: $30 4-5 year olds
$50 6-18 year olds

Questions? Contact Logan Singhisen at 785-587-2757 or email logan.singhisen@cityofmhk.com

Questions about instruction/rain outs? Contact Conni at 785-776-6060
Dates: June 4-29 Tuesday and Thursdays
Time: 9am-10am
Location: City Park Tennis Courts

Severe weather/warning(thunder storms, tornadoes, lightning, etc.) - Class Canceled
Just finished raining (radar indicates more to come or will clear up) - Decision to cancel class is up to the instructor
If your class is rained out, a make-up session will be offered on the Friday of that week (weather permitting) at the same time as your class.
Questions about instruction/rain outs, etc? - Call Body First 785-776-6060

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